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Copper's Gift is activating beings crowns and opening a portal for your sacred soul signature to come through , while deeply rooting into your body. Her ability to tap into ones highest potential and download their empowered version into their here and now, is an elegant embodiment process.


Sessions with her feel like a predestined anointing into your natural state of royalty.


Her clairvoyance ability to see beyond this physical realm, allows the full etheric realm to be expressed into material matter like a feather landing onto the earth. Her training and experience as a Yoga Instructor, Theta Practitioner, Cosmetologist, and Dreadlock Specialist ~ all create an experience where your highest expression of yourself can merge into your physical body organically and joyously.


From crown to root you will remember your innate Royal Beauty, your connection to source will shine above as a glimmering crown, while your soul resting in the throne of your beautiful body.


She is currently on the journey to acquiring her PHD in Metaphysics to deepen her ability to hold space for these transformation. Her mission and vision is to merge all Soul-Bodies, and awaken the glowing avatars we were born to be~ so we can all crown and celebrate Planet Gaia as castle of heaven on earth as one.

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