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Spirit Willow

"Healing has never been this stylish before and may I add so much fun! Who says transformation and healing can’t be the most fun you’ve ever had in your life, speaking from experience, it  really has for me. This process of waking the Divine Avatar and embodying the sacred expression of your highest self Is the act of taking a conscious role in your evolutionary upgrade. The SpiritLock Metamorphosis is a conscious creation and it starts with intention, the intention to truly know yourself. This is our fairytale, and we get to write the book as we surrender and align ourselves to our highest divine plan, as we honor this sacred union, one with spirit and creative form. This is the mastery level. 

I am so incredibly grateful to this divine Queen Copper Woven Crowns in co-creating the Sacred Art Alchemy Magic thank you for weaving with me in this sacred alchemy. 

When we unite our gifts together we become stronger. We let go of the comparison and competition and open up to our true nature of collaboration and co-creation. As we rise together in support and uplift each others gifts we honored the greater truth of our unity, our wholeness, our oneness.🙏🏻🤍💫
One Love 
One Spirit
One Heart 
One Dragon"

Amber Lindamood

"Felt pretty magical today after Copper Musser (aka Copper Woven Crowns) loved up on my crown. ✨

If you are in the Nevada City/Grass Valley area and are looking for some crown beautification, she is amazing! 💛

Thank you, Copper darling, for helping me release old stories so that I no longer have to carry them with me, and now I have so much more space for the strands that are weaving my life together which look and feel different than anything I’ve ever felt before. I humbly receive.


I bow in gratitude."




"You’re such a clear channel. I love you and am so grateful to have you on my life! 

Morning love, still in awe and gratitude for your ability yesterday to peel back the layers and layers and really get to the bottom/core where I was having trouble accessing. So so helpful 🙏🏼 still feeling big shifts 🌈✨🌹"



 Will Pratcher 


"Currently still in floaty yet grounded place. A review came to me as I’m now horizontal in bed. Here it is 


◦ Insightful, intuitive,  healing and revealing are the first words that come to mind after a recent journey of discovery with Copper. I feel as though I was led to her not by coincidence but rather something much greater than that of myself. I felt held and supported as she has the rare and much welcome gift of of bringing light and understanding  into dark places. "



"hey love just wanted to say I really really dug the session yesterday it was so powerful and I am glowing today because of it. It's rare for me to experience that with healing so thank you love you tons babe"



"My grandma didn’t like dreads locks, my whole family didn’t really. When I was on FaceTime they would say they didn’t like them. I flew home for Christmas and my grandma seen my hair in person it won her over because of how long and flowng it was. She said she loved it❤️‍🔥😻"


"I feel slightly euphoric these days, sometimes even ecstatic like, half in paradise! I am astonished at how incredibly well I have been feeling since our session. Like, born again. Even my skin feels different, like more sensitive"



 "I am super happy with my locks, I love the length, the size and the color  😍 I also feel really well inside. I'm getting used to wrapping them up before bed and sleeping on them. Everywhere I go I've received compliments everywhere on them. Also think they're almost done shedding the loose hairs on the ends now. 😍🤗🥰 they're awesome and you are the best"

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